Friday, 8 August 2014

Revel in the Jaisalmer Hotels to enjoy this Exotic City

Jaisalmer is an exotic city situated in Rajasthan’s great Thar Desert. “The Golden City” arises to the great height as a result of its position on camel trade routes. The tourism in this city provides an opportunity to discover the rich cultural heritage and also to discover the alluring land awash with numerous places of sightseeing. When you are here in this city you could choose any budget hotels in Jaisalmer to save reasonable money on staying expenses and use it for some other purposes. This city is famous for the 12th century fort and ornate “Havelis”. Fine merchant-built houses and pavilions in the city’s mediaeval lanes.

The Desert National Park gives chance for the tourists to note the blachbucks, chinkaras amid the rolling dunes, desert foxes, rugged crags and numerous waterholes. One can see that the city is flocked by foreign tourists at times due to its charm, beauty and the other attractions. One may find many tourist packages available to reach this beautiful city during vacations and other long holidays. Choose the best holiday package which best suits your budget but always chooses any of the luxury hotels in Jaisalmer to stay in the city. It is because it might be your first visit to the city and to make it as remarkable one by staying in one such hotels of the city.

The next most important sightseeing place of the city is Jaisalmer Fort which is the second oldest fort in Rajasthan. The fort stands on a hill which is 250feet above the surrounding. This fort stands on a hill which overlooks the town from the south. One can still see the many round shaped stones left on the towers which were formerly used to stop the enemy entering the fort during battles. There are four main gates in the fort which are called Akhai Pol, Suraj Pol, Bhuta Pol and Hava Pol. Five beautifully carved mahals are present inside the mahal which are called as Rang Mahal, Sarvotam Vilas, Akhai Vilas, Gaj Mahal and Moti Mahal. Choose any one of the cheap hotels in Jaisalmer, as it is easy to reach these places efficiently. As many hotels are present in the center of the city thus makes it near to reach.

Accommodation is the most evident part during any trip or a tour. Be cautious and particular in choosing the hotels in Jaisalmer. The tourists can find many hotels in the city which ranges from cheap to star hotels in Jaisalmer. Choose the hotel which suits and fits in your budget. So, select your best and enjoy your vacation in one such beautiful city. 

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