Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Use the Call Center Dialer for Effective Call Management

For every call center, telephonic communication is the most important. Calls are made on a regular basis. You have both inbounded as well as outbound calls. Managing all the calls is a tough job indeed. As such, every call center requires an efficient call management system. This is where the call center dialer becomes useful. Automating the calling process brings a lot of relief to the staff and the management. It increases productivity and makes their job much easier than before. The main purpose of a dialer is to automate outbound calls. This helps the call center agents to selectively attend the calls.

A major problem faced by call centers is that a lot of time is spent on dialing the numbers. A large number of calls are unsuccessful. The users may be busy on another call, out of range at that moment, or their phones may be out of order, or any such problem may be encountered due to which the agents have to move on to the next number. This affects the productivity a lot. A call center dialer handles such problems with ease. The dialing is done by the software and the agents do not have to dial numbers any more. When a call is successful, it is routed to whichever agent is free at that time. As such, productivity is increased by a very large ratio. There are a number of dialers available that can be chosen based on your preference.

Similar software called the auto call distributor is also available to route calls to free agents and this is used for the inbound calls. An ACD does the job of distributing the incoming calls to available agents. The system segregates the calls based on the need of the customer, their type, and also the agent’s skill set. Based on the criteria, the call is diverted to the most appropriate agent who is free to attend the call at that moment. Call centers receive a lot of incoming calls from customers either for queries or complaints. The issue can be solved only if the call is accepted by someone who has the expertise to solve the problem and the ACD does this job – routes the call to an agent who is free and suited to attending that call.

Terminals and switches, phone lines, and the auto call distributor software are necessary for implementing this system in your office. A set of rules need to be set beforehand. The ACD uses its algorithm to find out the most suitable employee who is available to accept the call. The call is diverted to this person, who talks to the customer and helps him out. This saves all unnecessary diversions and confusion in the office and ensures smooth operations in a call center environment. These software suites increase productivity, and also keep the customers happy and satisfied.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Revel in the Jaisalmer Hotels to enjoy this Exotic City

Jaisalmer is an exotic city situated in Rajasthan’s great Thar Desert. “The Golden City” arises to the great height as a result of its position on camel trade routes. The tourism in this city provides an opportunity to discover the rich cultural heritage and also to discover the alluring land awash with numerous places of sightseeing. When you are here in this city you could choose any budget hotels in Jaisalmer to save reasonable money on staying expenses and use it for some other purposes. This city is famous for the 12th century fort and ornate “Havelis”. Fine merchant-built houses and pavilions in the city’s mediaeval lanes.

The Desert National Park gives chance for the tourists to note the blachbucks, chinkaras amid the rolling dunes, desert foxes, rugged crags and numerous waterholes. One can see that the city is flocked by foreign tourists at times due to its charm, beauty and the other attractions. One may find many tourist packages available to reach this beautiful city during vacations and other long holidays. Choose the best holiday package which best suits your budget but always chooses any of the luxury hotels in Jaisalmer to stay in the city. It is because it might be your first visit to the city and to make it as remarkable one by staying in one such hotels of the city.

The next most important sightseeing place of the city is Jaisalmer Fort which is the second oldest fort in Rajasthan. The fort stands on a hill which is 250feet above the surrounding. This fort stands on a hill which overlooks the town from the south. One can still see the many round shaped stones left on the towers which were formerly used to stop the enemy entering the fort during battles. There are four main gates in the fort which are called Akhai Pol, Suraj Pol, Bhuta Pol and Hava Pol. Five beautifully carved mahals are present inside the mahal which are called as Rang Mahal, Sarvotam Vilas, Akhai Vilas, Gaj Mahal and Moti Mahal. Choose any one of the cheap hotels in Jaisalmer, as it is easy to reach these places efficiently. As many hotels are present in the center of the city thus makes it near to reach.

Accommodation is the most evident part during any trip or a tour. Be cautious and particular in choosing the hotels in Jaisalmer. The tourists can find many hotels in the city which ranges from cheap to star hotels in Jaisalmer. Choose the hotel which suits and fits in your budget. So, select your best and enjoy your vacation in one such beautiful city. 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

What is Mobile Ad Network Mediation?

The steady growth and reach of Smartphones has brought forth the growth of mobile applications and mobile advertisements. Mobile marketing has now become the latest buzz in the field of advertising and marketing. With so many types of ads and mobile ad formats being released into the virtual world, there should some kind of rule to regulate the design, posting and ad campaigns. This is where mobile ad network mediation comes into play. With literally thousands of mobile apps being released into the market, a developer will find it very difficult to identify his/her app and track its growth. Moreover, mediation guidelines help developers monetize their mobile apps or ads and improve user engagement.

So, what is mobile ad network mediation? It is a software platform that is integrated with the multiple ad networks at the API level to help keep track of the mobile advertisements. By using this software platform, you will be able to easily keep track of all your mobile ads and optimize its performance. Plus, you also have the option to track the number of clicks and impressions, which will give you an idea of how much your ad is earning. In simple terms, this network mediation adds as a mediator between app developers and ad networks. This platform helps you monetize your ad through various publishers and management services, including AdexLink, AdMob, Nexage and more. As the number of publishers and providers increase, you will be able to earn more from your mobile ad formats.

Different ad mediators make use of varied algorithms and methods to track the monetary value of each mobile advertisement. So, you should carefully checkout the various options available before you sign in with a mediator. Some mediators track all the traffic and money flow by themselves while others give you the administrative rights to check the flow. Each mobile ad network mediation provider may use a different method to monetize ads, but basically all the procedures are pretty similar. Once you register with their network and fill up all the requisite forms, the mediator will test your performance after allocating the traffic and backfilling the properties. They also ensure that the ads are matched with the content displayed on the Smartphone to ensure better reach and response. Research and statistical studies have shown that most mobile ad formats have very low fill rates. So, you can take advantage of mobile ad network mediation to boost your advertisement or mobile app.